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Sydney party band SFC becomes a Hunter Valley wedding band!
Posted by on September 12, 2012

Friday we did a nice early little function for AVA, which got us to bed nice and early to prepare for the next gig.

Saturday saw us all jump in our jalopies and head to the beautiful Hunter Valley Vineyards for an afternoon of French gypsy jazz in the courtyard of the Sebel for Paul and Nat’s Wedding. We then moved the band inside and plugged into some electricity and added a drummer playing some sophisticated jazz during dinner. Soon we were serenading the happy young couple with a Jack Johnson tune ‘Better Together’. They had the dance floor for just over 3 minutes by themselves as all their guest watched on smiling, but also waiting for the band to explode into nonstop dancing music. We fulfilled that section of the night and had a ball ourselves. Nat’s brother stunned us all by singing a tune really well with the band and then he asked our pianist if she’s mind if he played a song on keys with us. I was a little concerned, as the dance floor was pumping, but I thought what the hey he sang very well. My jaw dropped as he sat down and nailed every note of 2 songs in a row with us and the crowd ate it up!

What a great day/night, great couple and a gorgeous venue! Thanks you Hunter, Paul and Nat and also thanks to Laurie from 3Lphotography for the snaps she took. If you ever need breath taking photography Laurie is amazing, I’ve seen a lot of great wedding photography in my time but she takes the cake, not literally, but seriously check out her site and see the shots she got of Paul and Nat and the one and only Sydney Funk Collective!


Sydney Wedding party band Sydney Funk collective feat. Gary Johns singing a bit of Sinatra style jazz durring dinner @ Sebel in the Hunter Valley

Gary Johns Singing a bit of Sinatra style jazz during dinner @ the Sebel in the Hunter Valley

Sydney Funk Collective @ the Sebel in the Hunter Valley playing a wedding reception 2012 pic by Sydney Party Band Sydney Funk Collective @ the Sebel in the Hunter Valley playing a wedding reception 2012 pic by



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