Frequently Asked Questions

How many people in the band?

The band usually has 5 people in it but it can be altered to suit your event and budget. We can perform as a quartet and a trio when required and still have a great full band sound. We do also cater for smaller events with solo and duo options. On the other side of things we can augment the band to be as big as you want, people often want to add multiple singers and saxophones etc.

The usual 5 piece includes; drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and vocals. Usually there are multiple singers in the band, both male and female.

The 4 piece can vary in line up, although we usually drop the female vocals and the trio omits the keyboard player typically.

What kind of music does the band play?

We do all the classics old and new, music everyone loves. From dinner music like Michael Buble to dance classics like Michael Jackson. Having the 5 piece usually means you have a male and female singer and a keyboard player so we can effortlessly and authentically do more modern dance music such as hip hop etc. Download our general song list.

Do you supply break music?

We have an ipod which we plug in during band breaks so there can be music going for the duration of the event. You can bring your own ipod with organised playlists if you prefer.

Can we use your microphone?

Yes you can use our hard-wired microphone if you want it for speeches or announcements. If you need a wireless microphone this can be organised but it needs to be booked in advance.

How much does the band cost?

We are a moderately priced function band as far as Sydney’s professional cover band scene goes. The exact band cost varies depending on the number of people, duration and location of event. Live entertainment starts from around $800. For a definitive quote simply enter your event information into our quote request form located on the contact page.

What do we need to supply for the band?

On the night the band requires parking, access to the venue, meals and soft drinks.

Will you learn songs that aren’t on your songlist?

We are more than happy to learn new songs but you’ll need to give the band plenty of notice and there may be a small cost. The song list is very extensive though and most couples find what they are looking for. A bridal waltz can be the exception as these are sometimes unique songs to the couple.

Can you play at our ceremony?

Yes the band can play at your ceremony as a small acoustic ensemble. We usually play instrumental music for ceremonies and pre-dinner canapés, etc.

We have a special type of music for acoustic events that we have been getting rave reviews about from couples and venues. Part of the reception band can double as an exotic and unique French acoustic jazz ensemble as an alternative to the traditional string quartet. This type of Gypsy Jazz dates back to pre-electricity times when instruments were made to be loud acoustically. We regularly perform with our big double bass, French Manouche guitars and either a clarinet or a violin at venues that don’t allow amplification, such as the Botanical gardens.

Check out an audio example of a song such as ‘Nuages'(instrumental Gypsy jazz) down the bottom of the music page or see the video example of a canapé style French ensemble with a singer.

How long does the band play for?

The band plays for the duration of the event, which in most cases is about 5 hours. During this playtime the band will play 5 x 40 minute sets. The sets are arranged around your formalities so the band will take a break for speeches, etc.

It’s really important that the band sets up and is dressed and ready to go before guests enter and we should end right when guests are due to depart. It’s not practical to have the band turn up and setup an hour or so into an event as we trolley gear around and will definitely distract your guests from your event. Early finishes are usually not practical either as the band commences packing up once we finish typically.

Can we make pick which songs the band plays?

From our song list, we encourage clients to give us about 10 songs they love and maybe a few songs you’d rather not hear. That gives us an idea of what you’re into. Just remember the band is there to entertain everybody you invite. On the night the band is very good at reading the crowd and keeping the atmosphere up by choosing songs that work. The band is also happy to take requests on the night also.

Does the band travel out of Sydney?

The band does regularly travel out of Sydney. We are so busy some months traveling to some of the most beautiful spots around NSW that clients think we are a Hunter Valley wedding band or Southern Highlands wedding band.

How do we book the band?

To book and confirm the band we require a 50% deposit and signed a contract. Once the contract and money is received the date is locked in. The remaining 50% is due 2 weeks prior to the event.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We do have a cancellation policy. If you cancel more than 60 days before the event the fee is 25% of total. Less than 60 days but more than 7 days it’s 50% of the total and less than 7 days before is 75% of the total fee.

Can we hear the band perform before we book?

Yes! However, the band mostly plays private functions but there are various gigs throughout the year which are open to the public. If you can’t make a gig then please see the videos.

Often a given event specifies musical styles though so you may only see us play smooth jazz or really upbeat loud dance music or rock. Please don’t be fooled we can play all styles equally well and for an example of a few different styles the best bet is to watch a live video of us playing at an actual wedding.

Please call Gary on 0405 17 33 17 to enquire on up-coming gigs.

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